Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Never Mind the Bullshit, Here's Gregg Doyel!

It is certainly not the intention of this blog to zero in on the stinkbait of hit-trolling columnists, but we're going down that road for the second consecutive day. Today, the misguided soul between the sights is columnist Gregg Doyel. Although not a graduate of Ole Miss or Florida, he spent time growing up in Oxford and did attend school in Gainesville. He claims no allegiance to either school, but he's certainly no fan of the Razorbacks.

The flailing hackjob Doyel produced today undoubtedly accomplished his intended result by generating thousands of views, but it also rose my hackles. Mouth agape, I read Doyel's scolding with mounting anger. At the point he counseled Arkansans that "people don't act this way", I knew silence was no longer an option. I fired off a quick email to Mr. Doyel.

The irony is staggering.

An opinion writer shaming someone (or in this case, someones) for persuading another to their line of thinking.

Isn't that what you, as a "National Columnist", are paid to do?

It seems the only difference between you and the Arkansas fans you ridicule is the fact that we at least did our research.

I've got to ask... what would you consider an appropriate punishment if you took it upon yourself to meet with your bosses in garb? After others had warned against it?

After, of course, you tweeted about how much better things were when you were working at

After, of course, you made a point to mention to your readers how many more awards deserved last year over CBS.

Of course, you wouldn't do that. Journalists don't act that way.

I look forward to updating everyone, but no response as of yet. I'm certainly not one to expect a big important national journalist to answer this peon on MY terms, so I'll be patient. I think I'll stop short of holding my breath, though.

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  1. Nicely done! Of course, he won't have an answer for you, but I applaud your "efforting."


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