Saturday, September 26, 2009


This is a picture of the utter despair from Gator fans as their savior lay motionless on the field after receiving a crushing hit from a blitzing Kentucky Wildcat.

I don't hate Tebow as a player the way so many do, but I sure have a lot of disdain for Gator fans. And this picture serves as a one-stop shop as to why.

You want a quick count? That's two jerseys, two Shrek ears, one crooked visor, six collagen injections, a bottle of hair dye, a Gator-themed "LiveStrong" bracelet, and one of those gay-assed Live radios I made fun of last month.

And is that Kige Ramsey in the background? I cannot wait for his take on Tebowgate.

Anyone who says that woman doesn't live in Ocala and live for Gator football, show dogs, and diet pills is lying to himself.

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  1. I lived there for three years..I have developed a severe hatred for Gator Fans..almost to the unhealthy point.


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